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Control Begins From Within KEGEL PRO Sexual Satisfaction For millions of women in the US and worldwide, sexual satisfaction has all too often become an unachievable fantasy. The effects of an impaired
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Control Begins From Within


Sexual Satisfaction
For millions of women in the US and worldwide, sexual satisfaction has all too often become an unachievable fantasy. The effects of an impaired sex-life can mean loss of passion in the relationship, psychological disorders as well as depression. As a result, the sufferer feels both inadequate in their daily life as well as with their partner.

Age, childbirth, and a failure to exercise properly cause a weakening of the PC muscle. This can often have dyer sexual consequences. The immense loss of sensitivity can take away from the natural joy and pleasure of intercourse, preventing the female from experiencing orgasm. Both partners experience a decrease in sensitivity resulting in less pleasurable sex. Women are increasingly less likely to experience orgasm due to this condition. In fact, 33-80% of women are not able to achieve orgasms as a direct result of the weakening of the PC muscle. That is over 30 million women in the United States alone, and close to 200 million worldwide.spice up sex life

Resistant exercises specifically target the PC muscles, working to contract and expand them. Within just several, easy five-minute exercise sessions, the results are noticeable. The muscle takes on its original shape and elasticity, and resumes its vital function.

With the development of stronger PC muscles, you can control sexual intercourse. The strength of the PC muscle allows for a strong grip on the partner's penis. As a result, sexual pleasure and sensitivity is enhanced for both partners. Resistant exercises provide for increased vaginal and pelvic blood flow, directly increasing sensitivity and rejuvenating the entire genital organ. The ability to achieve orgasm is again within your reach.

Sexual relationships are of vital importance at any age. It is important to keep passion in the bedroom as we age. Whether due to lack of practice, aging or childbirth, the laxity of the PC muscles can have profound effects on intercourse. After childbirth, the stretching of the muscles is so substantial that many women even resort to surgical procedures to shorten the muscle and sew back the virginal 'tightness' in order to achieve intercourse that is more enjoyable. These procedures, however, are often costly, requiring invasive surgery and are usually unnecessary. Mother Nature provided a natural means for regaining one's youthful 'tightness'. Dr. Arnold Kegel inadvertently discovered the key to prolonging and maintaining a fit vagina, through a set of exercises referred to as Kegels.

Over 190 million adults are afflicted with incontinence. 85% are women. Urinary incontinence affects 3 out of 4 women and causes grim physical as well as psychological consequences. The most common form of the disorder is urinary incontinence, which leads to uncontrollable leakage of urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing or lifting to severe cases where the disorder causes total loss of control of urinary function. Severe or not the condition deserves critical attention.

Incontinence is caused by laxity of the PC muscle. During urination, muscles located along the walls of the bladder contract forcing urine out of the bladder and into the urethra. Laxity in the PC muscle leads to improper release and hold functions necessary in the control of urination.

Due to the embarrassing nature of the dysfunction, many women do not seek proper treatment. Left untreated, incontinence causes rashes and skin infections, along with other psychological and social disorders. Others who do seek treatment often turn to invasive and costly surgery to cure the problem. Over 100,000 women are hospitalized each year as a result. Many of these surgeries could be avoided through proper exercise of the PC muscle.

In 1948, Dr. Kegel discovered the pelvic floor, or PC muscle and developed an exercise designed to cure the disorder. Dr. Kegel realized that the simple exercise of contracting and relaxing the PC muscle resulted in the muscle becoming tighter and stronger. The exercise later named 'kegels' was found to increase muscle volume and resulted in stronger reflex contractions. Dr. Kegel went on to develop variations on the exercise targeted towards women with damaged PC muscles due to childbirth or naturally occurring Incontinence. However, because of the difficulty of targeting the muscle, more than half of all women who try the exercise target the wrong muscle and as a result do not see any improvement in their condition.

Done properly kegels strengthen weak PC muscles resulting in strengthened contraptions and increased control. With increased control many often experience more sensation and stronger orgasms. Moreover many studies and doctors claim that the best way to isolate and exercise the kegel muscles with a resistance based exercise device. Chances of incontinence increase with age and childbirth. The best way of preventing this problem is through proper resistant-based exercise.

Kegel Muscle
The pubcoccygeal muscle, (also popularly referred to as the PC muscles, the Kegel muscle, the pelvic muscle and the pelvic floor) is one of a larger group of vaginal muscles located near the pelvic floor. The maintenance of these muscles is vital to sustaining overall sexual health as well as control of excretory functions. Because of the internal location of these muscles, many women are unaware of the exercise required in their daily maintenance. All too frequently women neglect these essential muscles until the first signs of incontinence.

Incontinence often occurs after childbirth. During labor, the PC muscles are stretched out of shape or damaged. Without the proper rehabilitation exercises, these muscles lose their ability to properly control excretory function. In addition many women experience sexual dysfunction as well as a loss in sensitivity and enjoyment during sexual activity. Social anxiety as well as depression often set in, as the sufferer feels inadequate in the control of their bodily functions.

The PC muscles stretch from front to back, directly below the pelvis. The muscles provide support for internal organs such as the urinary track, birth canal, urethra, uterus and rectum. The muscle is also directly involved in sexual stimulation and sensitivity as well as bladder control. The muscles are essential for proper health during pregnancy and are utilized during childbirth. Proper maintenance of the PC muscle is achieved through a group of exercises called Kegels, discovered by Dr. Kegel in 1948. Dr. Kegel had a 93% recovery rate in his patients.

Pregnancy & ChildBirth
Childbirth, one of nature's most beautiful and meaningful experiences can often turn out to be a difficult and painful process with great health risks. For centuries, women have suffered through the labor process, believing that the agonizing pain that they must endure is inevitable.

During pregnancy, the PC muscle, which helps support internal organs as well as the fetus, uterus, amniotic fluid and the placenta is highly strained. With the heavy load pressing down on it, the muscle tends to stretch and sag. No longer being as flexible and tight, some of the vital functions of the muscle are affected. One of the most important functions of the PC muscle is urinary control and regulation. Stretching of the muscle keeps it from properly contracting. The flaccid muscle causes uncontrollable leakage of urine, a condition referred to as stress incontinence.

In 1948, Dr. Arnold Kegel discovered the key to curing post-pregnancy incontinence. Through simple exercises of squeezing the PC muscle against resistance, Dr. Kegel was able to achieve a 93% success rate in his patients. All this without invasive and dangerous surgery.

Virtually all doctors now recognize the importance of strengthening the PC muscle, or pelvic floor. Resistance exercise is especially effective during the pre and post pregnancy period. Kegel exercises, which specifically target the PC muscle through repetitive squeezing, are by far the most effective way of curing incontinence non-surgically. In order to be effective however, these exercises must be done correctly, specifically targeting the necessary areas.

Prior to pregnancy, resistance exercises serve to condition the PC muscle making it much less likely to be damaged during the labor process. The exercises also restore strength and flexibility to the muscle, making childbirth a much less strenuous process.

Post pregnancy kegel exercise is also necessary in the rehabilitation of damaged and stretched out muscles. A quick and natural recovery without invasive surgery can be achieved by 'working out' the necessary parts of the vagina through proper resistance exercise.

Before Use: Be sure to diligently clean your Kegel Pro by washing in warm water with soap. It is also recomended that you do the same before and after each use. It is highly recomended to use a lubricant on the Kegel Pro prior to insertion. Water based lubricants work best for this purpose you may use your favorite form of lubrication.

To Begin:
  • Grasp Kegel Pro firmly in your dominant hand around the thicker portion of the torsion arms- insert it about 1.5-2.5inches inside your vagina (make sure the other Kegel Pro is pointed up) until it seats comfortably.
  • Do not insert Kegel Pro farther than the widening of the torsion arms, this lowers effectivness and increases risk of injury.
  • Slowly begin to release your grasp to make sure that the spring is not to strong for you. Once you release the clasp completely you may begin to do Kegels by concentrating on squeezing the muscles around the Kegel Pro.
  • You should feel the Kegel Pro begin to close and open if done correctly. Keep one hand holding thicker rounded end of the Kegel Pro during the excercise session to insure that the Kegel Pro stays in the proper position and adjust if necessary.
  • You should keep these excercise session to 1-2 minutes in the beginning, 2-3 for intermeditary, and 3-4 for advanced users.
  • The exercise should be preformed ever other day for maximum effectivness or 3 days a week for ease of schedule.

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